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What is call centre or B.P.O?

Call centre is also known as B.P.O (Business Process Outsourcing).
Some of the big company like IBM, DELL, Wipro, AMX( American Express) in U.S.A , U.K. , Australia they set up there offices in country like India, China, Nepal etc , to minimize there operation cost. So they setup there office in Asian country.
Because if they have office in U.S.A, U.K there operation cost will be high so minimize there cost they set up office in Asian country like India, China, Nepal.

There are 3 types of call centre

A)      Inbound
i) Customer Care  :-  These type of call centre will only help to find some phone number. They do not sell    or  promote any product.  e.g.  Like NTC & Mero Mobile Customer care centre.
B)      Out Bound
i)                    Tele – Marketing
ii)                  Sales  & Promotion
:- These type of call centre they sell & promote the product through telephone. They call to different business organization.
C)      Tele- Marketing
i)                    Web Base Solution
ii)                  Date –Entry
iii)                E – Mail  Forwarding
iv)                 Web Chatting
:- These type of call centre or B.P.O. they are non voice organization. They don’t call to different business organization. They help solve through e-mail forwarding, chatting. E.g In so website they have online Live helpline or solution, so that when customer want to know anything they simply go online and chat for help.

Quality And Attributies of CSR    (Customer Service Representative)

1)       Right tone of voice
2)       Polite, patient and courtesy
3)       Confidence
4)       Active Listening
5)       Good communication skill
6)       Thorough product knowledge
7)       Convencing power ( rappo building)
8)       Smart Approach
9)       Smile
10)   Empathy

1)       Right tone of voice:-
                  When we talk to customer we should have a right voice. Neither we talk too high nor too low. If we do that the customer will feel uncomfortable and may hang off the phone so when we talk to customer we should have a right voice peach.

2)       Polite, Patient & Courtesy:
While we are talking to customer we should be polite, patient and have courtesy and ask the right moment to call them back.

3)       Confidence:
While talking to customer we should have confidence and we should speak with confidence.

4)     Active Listening:
                                        Should have a good listening power.

5)       Good Communication Skill:
Should have a good communication skill while talking to customer.
                       6)       Thorough  Product Knowledge:
Should have a good product knowledge. Should never say bad about other company product.
7)       Convencing Power:
Should have a convencing power with polite conversation.

8)       Smart Approach:
Should be smart enough to approach to the customer to make him or her to pay the product which your are selling.
9)       Smile:
                  Should have a smiling voice to attract the customer while you are talking to the customer.

10)   Empathy:
Should able to give immediately information on a right time. Should never sound nervous and panic while giving the information. Should be confident while giving the information. Otherwise the customer will feel uncomfortable if you are giving the information with nervous.

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